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Commercial Sector

Multinational Retailer

This organisation has over 15 large retail outlets in Ireland with sales of over €120 million.

It is part of a chain that in total has over 150 branches in 6 countries.

Review of Business Organisation & Internal Controls (2008)

  • Review on behalf of the Internal Audit Unit of management, operational and financial controls, including:
    • Senior management structure and reporting lines
    • Operational controls, including logistics, warehousing and security
    • Accuracy and validity of accounting for income, purchasing and overhead expenditures
    • Security of cash and other monetary assets
    • I.T. information security, continuity of financial and operational systems

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Building Products Distributor

This is a company with nationwide distribution franchises for certain construction materials.

Internal Control Evaluation and Design (2007)

  • Review of management information system and internal financial controls:
    • Reporting to management with practical recommendations for change
    • Assessment and reporting on the efficiency of accounting processes and financial controls

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