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CRH plc

CRH plc

CRH plc is one of the largest building materials groups in the world.  Headquartered in Ireland, CRH now has operations in 35 countries, employing approximately 93,500 people at over 3,700 locations.  CRH’s operations focus on three closely related core businesses:

  • Primary Materials
  • Value-added Building Products
  • Building Materials Distribution

Director of Internal Audit (1995 – 2002)

This position reported to the Audit Committee with access to the Chief Executive and Board Chairman.

Led a team of up to 15 internal auditors, responsible for the monitoring of internal control and the management of business risks throughout the Group worldwide.

The primary scope of Internal Audit was to focus on continuous improvement in governance and control within the Group worldwide.

Divisional Chief Financial Officer – North America (1989 – 1995)

Responsible for financial management and reporting in two operating divisions.  Each division was involved in large construction projects and the prior manufacture of the building materials involved:

  • Structural concrete:  Manufacture of large precast concrete pieces and related construction in non-residential and infrastructural projects
  • Fabricated glass:  Manufacture of tempered and laminated glass and installation in the outer skin of commercial buildings.

Designed and implemented a construction accounting system that tracked revenues, costs and margins on individual projects.  This became the basis for accurate forecasting of costs and margins during the course of these projects.  This management information was critical to profitable completion, providing real-time assurance on some projects and early warning on others, where management could then focus efforts to manage efficiency and costs.

Responsibilities also included the regular scope of a CFO, being:

  • Internal consolidation and reporting of budgets, period results and forecasts
  • Credit management, payables management and inventory management reporting
  • External financial reporting, audit and tax issues
  • Acquisition financial due diligence and post-acquisition accounting.

Internal Audit Manager (1984 – 1989)

Set up and management of the Internal Audit function at CRH, reporting to a Board member and responsible for a team of up to 4 internal auditors at that time.

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